7 Fortune 500 Companies Using Social Media Effectively

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learn how some Fortune 500 companies are leveraging social media for marketing and customer service.

Businesses big and small are taking to social media as another means of reaching their customers and prospects.  For many, it’s about two-way communication.  With social media, they are not only able to push news and information, but have the opportunity to interact with their customers and even provide a different level of customer service. 

Following are seven Fortune 500 companies that are effectively using social media to inform and interact with their customers.  Follow and study them to generate your own ideas for using social media in your overall marketing and customer service plans.

1.  Home Depot  Home Depot is using Twitter to inform its followers about products and events.  In addition, they have in many cases, helped customers resolve issues.  Home Depot currently has 8,300+ followers.

2.  Pepsi  Pepsi is all over the social media world.  They are on Twitter with a current following of 3,500+.  Here they offer news about products and events.  They also converse with customers and followers, even on the day-to-day things.  You can also find Pepsi on Facebook.  With nearly 200,000 fans, they communicate news about products and events.  Pepsi even has their own YouTube channel, where they share a variety of videos.

3.  Allstate  Allstate currently has 1,100+ followers on Twitter.  They are using Twitter to interact with their customers, as well as help customers resolve issues.

4.  Target  With 7,200+ followers on Twitter, Target is interacting with their customers, as well as helping customer resolve issues.

5.  Kohl’s  Kohl’s is very new to the social media scene.  Even though they just joined Twitter in late April 2009, they have 382 followers and are conversing with their customers, even on the day-to-day things.  Kohl’s is also on Facebook.  Although it appears they have had a presence there for awhile, they are just now beginning to use it to interact with their 5,900 fans.  They are also using Facebook to share information about products, sales, and events.

6.  Southwest Airlines  SWA uses Twitter to interact with its 31,900+ followers, even sharing restaurant suggestions for travelers.  On Facebook, SWA shares news about services and events with its 68,000+ fans.

7.  Starbucks  Starbucks has 206,000+ followers on Twitter.  They use Twitter to interact with customers, as well as help their customers resolve issues.  On Facebook, they probably have one of the biggest group of followers totaling 1.7 million.  Starbucks uses Facebook to share news about products and events and provide relevant information of interests to its fans.

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